Travel tips for the first timers visiting Khajuraho

When anybody talks about Khajuraho, the first thing that pops up into our mind is the archaic group of monuments and temples standing tall since the 9th century. These are plausibly some of the very same temples that survived the constant Mughal invasions during the same time. Coveted for its iconic architecture, tourists from all over the country come to Khajuraho to explore the historical significance of the place. The splendid architectures, remarkable sculptures, and magnificent monuments epitomise the aesthetic Indian art. If history excites you, this is one place where you should pay a visit. According to UNESCO, each of these temples has a rich history and is a world heritage site.

These temples, no wonder, are the main attraction of the ethnic Khajuraho, but that does not mean the desire to sate your curiosity should end there. Khajuraho also offers a few other overwhelming experiences which will replenish the troubled minds.

Panna National Park

panna national park

Around a 45-minute drive away from the historic temples, lies the wildered Panna National Park. Other than being home to exotic wildlife and many waterfalls, it also encompasses a calm and serene environment which mesmerises its pilgrims. The Ken River has flourished the flora and fauna of the auspicious jungle and is itself a major attraction. Other than the jeep safari, you can also explore the forest through boat rides and elephant safaris. Mediterraneo and Guru Kripa, near Panna National Park, are two of the many famous restaurants in Khajuraho where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Raneh Falls

Raneh Falls

Of all the majestic falls, located on the sides of the Ken River, Raneh Falls is one of the most beautiful falls. What makes it so compelling, is the pink and grey gradient of the rocks. Other than offering picturesque views, it is also a renowned picnic spot for families. Young couples often squeeze it in their schedule while paying a visit to the Khajuraho temples.

Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh Fort

Nestled in the lap of the Vindhya ranges, beside the shimmering river amidst a lush green forest, the Ajaigarh fort is replete with a quintessential form of architecture. It is a compelling destination for adventure enthusiasts, as its trek through the wildered forest is truly amazing. The place is replete with overwhelming picturesque sights which are simply soul-soothing.

Other than the above-mentioned places, some common destinations thronged by tourists are the Archaeological Museum, Beni Sagar Dam, and the Jain Museum. All these destinations tailor a very vintage-like atmosphere for Khajuraho. For convenient accommodation, The LaLiT Temple View Khajuraho is one of the finest hotels near Khajuraho railway station and airport. Other than these coveted destinations, the replete Khajuraho celebrates a lot of festivals and cultural events during the winter season. Try to visit in between 1st of February to 7th of February to witness the famous dance festival in the Khajuraho group of monuments.


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